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Blue Lotus Essential Oil - Therapeutic Grade, Pure & Organic - 0.33oz (10ml)

Blue Lotus Essential Oil - Therapeutic Grade, Pure & Organic - 0.33oz (10ml)

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Avivni Pure Blue Lotus Essential Oil

Dive into the mystical, intoxicating allure of Avivni's Pure Blue Lotus Essential Oil. Our oil is carefully extracted from the blossoms of the Nymphaea caerulea, carrying the sweet, floral, and slightly herbaceous aroma that has made the blue lotus a sacred symbol and treasured ingredient in ancient wellness traditions.

Product Description:

Experience the enchantment of ancient tranquility with Avivni's Blue Lotus Essential Oil. Standing firm in our commitment to purity and quality, we extract our Blue Lotus Essential Oil from ethically sourced blue lotus flowers. Each extraction process is designed to perfectly encapsulate the unique, soothing fragrance of pure blue lotus in every bottle.

Our Blue Lotus Essential Oil is prized for its intoxicatingly sweet and floral scent with a light herbaceous undertone. This distinctive aroma encourages a calming, serene atmosphere, fostering a deep sense of relaxation and spiritual awakening.

Beyond its mesmerizing fragrance, Blue Lotus Essential Oil offers a wealth of potential benefits and common uses, making it an extraordinary element in your wellness and spiritual practice.

Potential Benefits & Common Uses:

  • Relaxing Aromatherapy: The sweet, floral scent of blue lotus is often used in aromatherapy to create a serene, calming environment.
  • Meditation Aid: Due to its historic spiritual significance, blue lotus oil is frequently used as an aid in meditation and spiritual rituals.
  • Natural Perfume: With its intoxicating, sweet floral fragrance, blue lotus oil can be used as a unique natural perfume.
  • Promotes Healthy Skin: Blue lotus oil has been used in skincare routines due to its potential to support a radiant, healthy complexion.
  • Potential Aphrodisiac: Historically, Blue Lotus has been used for its aphrodisiac properties, enhancing sensual emotions when used in aromatherapy.
  • Mood Enhancer: The enchanting aroma of blue lotus can uplift spirits and reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.
  • Sleep Aid: When diffused before bedtime, blue lotus oil may foster a peaceful and restful night's sleep.

Please note: Always dilute essential oils in a carrier oil before skin application. Essential oils are potent and may cause skin irritation if applied directly. Consult with a healthcare professional before use, especially if pregnant, nursing, or have a pre-existing health condition. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Step into the mystique of ancient serenity with Avivni's Pure Blue Lotus Essential Oil. Click 'Add to Cart' to embark on a journey of spiritual tranquility today.

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