Essential Oils for Skin Recipes

Using Essential Oils for Skin

Seeking smooth, radiant skin? Harness the soothing, purifying, and calming properties of essential oils for a natural route to a clear, glowing complexion.

Curious about incorporating essential oils into your skincare routine? Rest assured, there are countless simple methods to use essential oils for healthier skin. Whether your skin type is dry, oily, irritated, or dull, we've curated the best essential oil DIYs to help you achieve the beautiful skin you desire.

Give these DIYs a try and help soothe, moisturize, or cleanse your skin today!

Whipped Body Butter

Combat dry, cracked skin with this Whipped Body Butter infused with essential oils. Crafted from gentle, natural butters and oils and enriched with the calming essence of Lavender, Frankincense, and Fractionated Coconut Oil, this solution restores moisture and banishes discomfort.

Personalize your experience by adding your preferred essential oils for a comforting aroma. Say goodbye to dry, troublesome skin and hello to long-lasting hydration with our moisturizing body butter recipe.

Essential Oil Clay Facial Mask

When time and budget don't allow for a professional facial, try making this Essential Oil Clay Facial Mask. Experience the cleansing and refreshing benefits of Frankincense, Lavender, and Tea Tree essential oils, perfect for your weekly skincare routine.

Essential Oil Cuticle Cream

Combat dry, peeling cuticles with this Essential Oil Cuticle Cream, featuring Fractionated Coconut Oil, Myrrh, and Lavender oil to soothe and moisturize. Perfect for targeting dry skin around the nails and can be used on hands, lips, and other areas in need of moisture.

Foot Mask with Bergamot Oil

If dry, cracked heels burden your feet, you can use the soothing characteristics of essential oils to nourish your feet with this simple Foot Mask with Bergamot Essential Oil. Before long, you'll delight in the soft, smooth skin on your feet and heels, without the hefty price tag of a pedicure.

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