Essential Oils and Gardening: Natural Tips for Maintaining Your Garden

Calling all gardeners! If you have a full-fledged manicured landscape or a window box with just your favorites, these tips will help you maintain your gorgeous garden naturally.

Weed Killer

Weeds are the worst! Nothing’s more disheartening than seeing those pesky weeds sprouting amongst your plants. Luckily you can swap out your chemical weed killer for essential oils. All you need is Lemon or Grapefruit Essential Oil! Combine 20 drops of citrus essential oil, 20 ounces of vinegar (with at least 5% acidity), a touch of dish soap, and a pinch of salt into a spray bottle (preferably glass). Be sure to shake it up to combine before each use. On a dry, sunny day, spray the mixture directly onto the leaves of the weeds you want to target. Be careful to avoid spraying any desirable plants nearby.

Pest Spray

Unfortunately, pests and other outdoor annoyances can quickly eat through and even kill your plants. Essential oils can be an incredibly useful and natural way to repel pests. CedarwoodPeppermintLemongrass, and Lavender are all oils you should have on hand to keep pests at bay. Dilute 20 drops of oil with a cup of water in a spray bottle and shake it to combine before each use. Usually, a light mist on the plants every few days with the diluted solution is all you need. 

You can also use Tea Tree to help fight any fungus that might be growing on your plants.

Tip: In hot weather, spray the plants after the sun has gone down to avoid burning the leaves.

Aromatic Gardening

If you love essential oils, chances are you love natural scents too. You can enjoy the aroma of some of your favorite essential oils outdoors by selecting your plants for aromatics. Lavender, Basil, Thyme and so many more can be used to create a fragrant, relaxing garden space.

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